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Original & Unmolested


of a build of 4993

This unmolested, fully original 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra resides in Spokane Washington. It is owned by my father and has only 9,981 miles. If you are looking for a completely original, adult-driven and babied Mustang Cobra for your collection… you have found it.

1993 Mustang Cobra Engine
1993 Mustang Cobra



The Mustang was bought by its first owner in Gladstone, Oregon (south Portland) at Dee Thomason Ford. The original owner was a mild-tempered gentleman in his early-40s. He did not modify the car in any way nor was it raced or abused.

My father, the second and current owner, bought the Cobra in September 1999 when it had approximately 1,400 miles. It was driven 400 miles to Spokane, Washington. It spent the winter of 1999 in an insulated garage with a car cover.

During the summer of 2000, my father drove it approximately 2,000 miles to Yuma, Arizona where our family once lived. Over the next few years between 2000 – 2003, our family made short weekend trips around town or to Phoenix. This added a few thousand miles. It was always kept inside the garage and covered as well.

In the summer of 2003, my father moved back to Spokane, Washington and drove the car there from Yuma, Arizona. This trip added an additional 2,000 miles. He occasionally drove the car on small weekend trips over the next few years until about 2007-2008 when he eventually lost interest driving it.

Since then, the Mustang has sat by itself in an insulated garage. My father periodically visits the Cobra to turn it on and drive it around the block.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you selling the Mustang?

The overall comfort of driving a Cobra is different than an LX/GT. My father did not enjoy the stiffer suspension of the Cobra compared to the cushier LX/GT models. Also, the Cobra does not have tilt wheel. As my father got older, he simply lost interest and drove around in his 1987 GT instead.


Have there been any modifications?

Aside from a new battery, nothing has been added or removed from the car’s interior, exterior or powertrain. It is 100% original from the factory including the same tires from the dealership.

Is there anything wrong with the car?

  • Dime-sized dent on the driver door
  • ¼” chip on the hood

Both of these can be seen in the picture gallery

No rust, no interior flaws, engine runs excellent!

Where was it originally bought?

Gladstone Oregon (south Portland) at Dee Thomason Ford

How many owners has the car had?

  1. Original owner
  2. My father

Where is the car physically located?

Spokane, Washington in our single-bay insulated garage with a car cover

Do you have the SVT Certificate?

Yes, it’s #348 of 4993

What other goodies do you have?

  • 2 new extra chrome Cobra badges
  • 4 new extra wheel caps in box
  • 1 new extra “5.0 Mustang Cobra” engine decal
  • Extra radio amplifier
  • Original window sticker in protective plastic
  • SVT Dealer Certification letter in envelope
  • Unopened white “Special Vehicle Team” folder

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